No rescue stands alone; any rescue effort, whether it’s a matter of broad community outreach or of saving an individual dog, depends on a wide network of organizations and individuals devoted to animal welfare.  Here are some of our valued partnerships:

Working with businesses in town:


Local businesses offer us space for our Adoptathons.  Petsense if always glad to let us show off good dogs like Bernie. . .


and Tractor Supply is where Bug met his new mom.  Bug is shown here demonstrating the well-known pit bull tummy sprawl while his friend Melissa looks on.  

Teaming up with other rescues:


We have worked with Great Plains Mastiff Rescue for several years to save wonderful dogs like Bostwick, shown here first in rehab, then in her new home. . . 



and Cruiser (on the right), who got new parents and a new best friend (Captain, on the left).

Working with the media: 


Local magazine Charm features photos of available rescued pets in every issue:


Spanish-language newspaper La Lengua is always willing to help us spread the word about our programs:


Working with local veterinarians:


We couldn’t accomplish what we do without the excellent, caring veterinarians and staff at Connolly Animal Clinic.


and all the other wonderful veterinarians who work to help us reach as many clients as possible with our spay/neuter program.

We work closely with Nacogdoches Animal Services not just in pulling dogs from the shelter, but in a broad range of animal welfare issues, from animal cruelty to reviewing and revising the city’s animal ordinance. 

Working with all creatures great and small:

When we need help for birds and other wildlife, we rely on Red Rock Animal Refuge.  We teamed up to rehabilitate Rosey the Cardinal and sent him on his way to the life of a free bird.


Rosey in the early stages. . .


Shown here on our porch, learning to spread his wings. . . 


and ready to fly away!

© Ann Doyle-Anderson 2018