On August 13, 2009, county authorities, acting on an anonymous tip, raided a suspected puppy mill in Kingtown, seizing 118 dogs.  Since many of them were pit bulls, the Nacogdoches Animal Services called us to help remove the dogs.  Once they were in custody, we worked with shelter staff, volunteers from C.A.R.E. Nacogdoches, community volunteers and county inmates to care for the dogs while the court decided their fate.  Final word after the first week:  we had a week to get them out.  All of us reached out to rescue contacts around the country, desperate to save as many as we could.  We want to thank all of those who responded, who found a place in rescue and in their homes for these dogs.     

A few photos from the raid are below.  To see more rescued dogs, click here.

All photos of the raid are courtesy of Christy Wooten, Nacgodoches Daily Sentinel

Living in a circle of dirt . . . 


Inside is worse . . .


Trying for a breath of air on a 95-degree day . . .



Typically vicious chained pit bull prepares to lick rescue team to death . . .


Me next!  Me next!


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